Preparedness of the ICT Sector

Preparedness of ICT Sector

Electricity Infrastructure

In most areas, infrastructure is reliable most of the time.

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Expansion and/or renovation of phone lines are occuring for most of the country. In most areas, dial-up model transfer of 56 Kbps is supported.

Technology Availability

ICTs (radio, television, computers, Internet connection) are available countrywide.

Quality of Telephone Service

Telephone mainlines are installed within one week; maintenance is part of the service contract; technical support for computers is of no problem; a small number of network administrators is available for support.

Computer Technical Support

Few places offer technical support for computers.

Cost of Basic Services

Electricity, telephone and Internet rates are too expensive.

Regulatory Framework

The telecommunication sector is a private or state-owned monopoly; there are no regulatory provisions for universal access and no plans exist to open services to competition.

Availability of Expertise

Training courses are multiplying, but courses for high-level personnel (software developers, programmers, experts in new languages etc) are still rare.
Last updated on 26 September 2006