Priority Item - Review Policy planning processes

Priority Item - Review Policy planning processes

Priority Item Details

Educational Objective: Improving policy planning and management
Educational Level with Refinements:
All Levels
Target Population with Refinements:
No specific target population
Special Curricular Emphasis with Refinements:
All curricula
Special Educational Focus:
Encourage transparency through forward planning and the use of a structured management sysytem.
Educational Priority: Moderate

Degree of Educational Urgency/Priority

Constraints, Issues, and Bottlenecks

Contributions to present situation: Inadequate supply of, secondary school students, Geographic obstacles , lack of political commitment
Gaps due to: Social and cultural barriers, Geographic obstacles , negative attitude towards skilled based subjects, Infrastructure , lack of appropriate tools for skilled based areas
Lack of achievement due to:
Constraints and bottlenecks from:
Last updated on 26 September 2006