Policies, Plans and Projects in the ICT Sector

ICT Policies and Plans

Map Policies, Plans and Projects

1. Summarize policies and plans, such as deregulation plans, technology-related tax credits, special tariffs to support expansion of technology, etc.
We have free internet access in Niue so no tarriff is imposed. There is ongoing development in Telecommunications which is targetted at improving communication links outside of Niue.

2. List and summarize existing or recently initiated large-scale* ICT-related projects that have potential relevance to education (although they are not directly educational projects); e.g. expansion of telephone lines to areas served by schools.
Introduction of wifi connection across the government departments and to all villages has improved internet accessibility. This has allowed students to access information through the net therefore it supplements the information available throug hard copies and library sources. Teachers are also able to access information available online for subject associations in New Zealand. This is vital for the teaching programs as well access to aseessment materials.

* Large-scale projects are defined as countrywide, statewide, and regional projects

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Last updated on 26 September 2006