National Vision and Priorities

Mapping of National Vision and Development Priorities

National Vision

Niue ke Monuina-A prosperous Niue.

National Development Priorities

-FINANCE- Financial stability
-GOVERNANCE- Good governance
-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT-Economic Development through public and private enterprise
-INFRASTRUCTURE-Develop and maintain the necessary infrastructure to serve the development needs of all sectors and the people of Niue.
- SOCIAL SERVICES-To provide good quality social services that increases the quality of life on Niue
- ENVIRONMENT-To recognize the contribution of the natural environment towards the Niue community and the need to engage in sustainable development to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy them to the full.

Data Collection Information

Data Source (if applicable)
Halavaka ke he Monuina
Niue Foou- A new Niue.

Annotations on data
Need to discuss the information entered with the Director of Education and the Head of the Economic and Planning Section of the Premier's Deparment in order to confirm.

Additional comments
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Last updated on 28 September 2006