ICT in Education Toolkit Version 2.0a
September 2006

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ICT-in-Education Toolkit provides education policy makers, planners and practitioners with a set of tools to assist them in the process of harnessing the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to meet educational goals and targets efficiently and effectively.

The Toolkit contains six toolboxes - containing a total of 18 tools - that cover the following areas:

  • Mapping the present situation in terms of national goals, educational context, ICTs in education, and the dynamics of change
  • Identification of educational areas for ICT intervention and formulation of corresponding ICT-in-education policies
  • Planning for implementation of infrastructure, hardware, contentware, and personnel training
  • Planning for Contentware
  • Consolidating implementation plans and their financial and managerial implications into one master plan
  • Assessment of implementation, effectiveness and impact of ICT interventions and subsequent adjustments and follow-up actions

The Toolkit contains also a Reference Handbook that summarizes worldwide knowledge, research and experience regarding the potential and conditions of effective use of ICTs for education.

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