ICT in Education Toolkit

7. List of Geographic Areas

Programís Geographic Areas and Institutions

Geographic area:

  8. Create Geographic Areas

Step 1: Create Geographic Areas

To ensure consistency in the designation of geographic areas and institutions, the Team is requested to create a list of short titles of the Program's geographic areas and the institutions within these areas. This list will be used as a framework for the planning tools in Toolbox 3 and Toolbox 5.

On this page, please create as many geographic areas as needed. If this is not necessary, create one "country" area.

On the next page, please create as many institutions as needed within those geographic areas.

Programís Institutions


Number of Institutions:

Specify Geographic Area:

  8. Create Institutions

Step 2: Create List of Institutions within a Geographic Area

As mentioned on the previous page, create as many institutions as needed, assigning each to one geographic area within your country.

An institution can either be:
  • A specific institution (e.g. the XYZ vocational school)
  • A type of insitutution (e.g. rural primary schools, urban secondary schools, teacher training institute)
For types of instutitions, you will need to enter the number of institutions of this type in this region.