ICT in Education Toolkit

4. Plan for Internet/Connectivity Infrastructure

Program Connectivity Needs

1. Connectivity is needed for:
 Surfing the web for general information
 Surfing the web for specific resources which do not change very often
 Downloading pictures, animations, video clips and audio files
 Accessing online asynchronous courses
 Accessing instructional multimedia modules
 Management information system
 Learning information system
To meet the above purposes, there is no need for continuous connectivity. These purposes may be served by the following options:
  • Intermittent connectivity whereby the above resources are downloaded into a CD or the hard disc of a computer or proxy server:
  • Simulated Internet whereby web resources are copied into a CD-ROMs from a central location that is connected to the Internet. The CD-ROMs are then distributed to the Project centers and updated periodically
  • An internal network for entering data and sharing of information.

2. Connectivity is needed for:
 Sending and receiving email
 Accessing synchronous online courses
 Collaborative activities
 Interactive simulations
 Independent research and exploration
 Creating own web site
To meet any of the above purposes, connectivity is necessary. Depending on the frequency and amount of use, a choice can be made regarding intermittent connectivity or dedicated connection.

Connectivity Assessment

On the basis of the educational objectives above, how much connectivity does the Project need?

Connectivity Option*
 No Connectivity  Intermittent Connectivity   Dedicated Connection  

Data Collection Information
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  4. Planning for Internet/Connectivity: Infrastructure Needs

Step 1. Identify Infrastructure Needs

Retrieve from Filing Cabinet - 2.2 - the document "ICT Policy Program Decision."

Review the document to identify the needs for Internet/connectivity infrastructure to implement each Project in the proposed program.To review alternative sources of power that have been experimented with in some countries, click Connectivity Options.

If you have chosen Connectivity Option 1 for each Project, skip Step 2. The option of simulated Internet will reflect itself in the choice of hardware in Tool 3.2.

Connectivity Infrastructure Plan

1. Are there plans to improve the connectivity infrastructure in the immediate future?  YES  NO 

If yes, summarize the main objectives of the Plans as they relate to the ICT project:

2. Assess the degree to which the Plans provide the necessary connectivity for the ICT Program in this area
a. Will these plans be implemented by the time that the Program needs connectivity?  YES  NO 
b. Will the new plans provide full coverage of the Program area?  YES  NO 
c. Will the connectivity provision be affordable?  YES  NO 

3. Additional Measures Needed for Connectivity
In light of the above, what should the ICT Program plan include in terms of additional measures and possible alternatives to ensure an adequate level and scope of connectivity to cover the Project geographic area and connect to the institutions? Be specific to allow for costing and implementation scheduling in Toolbox 5.

4. Provide comparative information about potential vendors in terms of quality, availability, cost and provision of technical support.

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  4. Planning for Internet/Connectivity: Infrastructure Plans

Step 2. Plan for Adequate Internet/Connectivity Infrastructure

To formulate adequate internet/connectivity plans the Team needs to review first the following information.

- Connectivity needs See Step 1 on previous page

- Status of connectivity infrastructure in the country and in the education sector by accessing the Filing Cabinet and retrieving and reviewing the following files from Tool 1.3:

  • Preparedness of the ICT Sector
  • Preparedness of the Education Sector for ICT interventions

View Feasible, affordable and sustainable connectivity options (link to reference materials)

Next, the Team formulates plans for each geographic area served by the proposed ICT program.

Download the following form and use as a guide for data collection and deliberations. Also you may send the FORM as an email attachment to knowledgeable individuals or institutions seeking information or advice.