ICT in Education Toolkit

1. Create Lists of Program’s Learners’ Levels and Curricular Subjects

Create List of Learner Levels for ICT-Enhanced Content

Learner Level:

  Create Learner Levels

Step 1: Create List of Learner Levels

Using the "ICT Policy Program Decision document - Filing Cabinet – Tool 2.2, through the form below add all the Learner Levels that the proposed program will address. ( Example: Pre-elementary, Elementary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary, Post Secondary, Mixed -Lifelong Learning, Mixed - Skill training, Mixed -Telecenters, etc.).

We recommend that you first complete the Print-based Form and then use  it as a guide to complete the web-based forms in both steps "Create Learner Levels" and "Create Curricular Subjects" on this and the next page. The information you enter regarding curriculum units can be used as a guide in Section 2: "Determine Required ICT-Enhanced Content."

Create List of Curricular Subjects for ICT-Enhanced Content

Curricular Subject:

  Create Curricular Subjects

Step 2: Create List of Curricular Subjects

Using the form below, add all the curriculum subjects to be treated in the proposed Program. (Examples: Algebra, geography, teacher education, language, electricity, optics, skill formation, computer literacy, etc...)