Potential Users

The primary objective of the ICT-in-Education Toolkit is to serve:

  • Countries and educational institutions as they struggle with the challenge of introducing and integrating ICTs into education
  • UNESCO, infoDev, and other Toolkit partners, in their advisory services
  • Officers and specialists of development agencies as they identify, prepare and appraise ICT-in-education projects or ICT components of education projects

Applying for Access

> A potential user needs to apply for authorization to use the Toolkit by sending an email to a Toolkit User Administrator (see below). The application should include:

  • A description of the potential user
  • The purpose of use of the Toolkit
  • The name and e-mail address of the Facilitator
  • A description of the Facilitation Team and other users (if applicable)
  • An indication of user training needs

(For information about the Facilitation Team, Facilitator, and user training, go to: Toolkit Use)

> If the application is accepted, the User Administrator establishes an account for the country/institution and authorizes the Facilitator to access the account. The facilitator, in turn, authorizes Facilitation Team members and other users to access the Toolkit under that account.

Toolkit User Administrator

> ICT in Education Programme � UNESCO Bangkok - ict.bgk AT unesco DOT org