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September 2006
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Tool 3.1: Infrastructure
1 Electric Power
Regional Level
Institutional Level
2 Audio/Radio
Infrastructure Needs
Infrastructure Plans
3 Video/Television
Infrastructure Needs
Infrastructure Plans
4 Internet/Connectivity
Infrastructure Needs
Infrastructure Plans
Reference Information
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Toolbox 3:
Planning for Physical and Human Requirements
3.1 Infrastructure
3.2 Hardware
3.3 Personnel Training
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  Tool 3.1 Infrastructure
The purpose of this Tool is to assist educational authorities in planning for the infrastructure requirements of the ICT Program formulated in Tool 2.2. Infrastructure includes:
  • Electric power
  • Audio/radio transmission
  • Video/broadcast television
  • Internet connectivity
Related hardware options are discussed in Tool 3.2

For each infrastructure topic, the Tool serves two functions:
  1. The Tool assists planners in finding the most appropriate infrastructure option by providing information about different options with advantages and disadvantages of each option. Many of these options are elaborated upon in ICTs for Education: A Reference Handbook - with supporting examples and case studies.
  2. The Tool offers a step-by-step guide to the Facilitation Team to plan for the necessary infrastructure.
To be able to use this Tool, you should have completed List of Titles of Program's Geographic Areas and Institutions in Toolbox 2.2


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