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September 2006
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Tool 4.2: Existing ICT-Enhanced Content
1 Identify Existing ICT-Enhanced Content
2 Evaluate ICT-Enhanced Content
3 View Existing ICT-Enhanced Content
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Toolbox 4:
Planning for ICT-Enhanced Content
4.1 ICT-Enhanced Content Requirements
4.2 Existing ICT-Enhanced Content
4.3 Educational Content on the Web
4.4 Evaluation of Authorware
4.5 Design, Develop & Test ICT-Enhanced Content
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  1. Identification of Appropriate Existing Educational ICT-Enhanced Content

Step 1. Review of Required ICT-Enhanced Content

Each Team of specialists will review the lists of Required ICT-Enhanced Content for items of required content that are within its scope of specialization.

Step 2. Search for Suitable Existing ICT-Enhanced Content in Indexed Guides

 Existing guides and portals can save considerable effort in identifying potentially useful software and websites. Most of them can be searched by subject, grade level, specific topic, media type, index and cost by subject area, grade level, and other characteristics. They usually briefly describe the resource and also critique or rate it. Some include only the resources that are evaluated by experts and deemed of satisfactory quality.

For a sample of these indexed guides, click INDEXED GUIDES OF EDUCATIONAL CONTENT

Each guide is referenced and briefly annotated. Most of them include a variety of media (video tapes, CDs and web portals and objects.)  At the end of this list are few references of guides to mainly free content.

Most of the resources cited in the guides are available only in English. Where English is a language of instruction, they may be directly applicable. If any of these resources proves suitable it may be translated or adapted into another language - within the framework of copyright and licensing regulations. In addition, these guides and portals might serve as models for countries that want to prepare their own guides.

Each Team will search for suitable existing contentware that satisfy the characteristics of the required ones. It should start with resources that have already been evaluated and deemed of good quality, by examining some or all of the indexed guides. Once an item is found to be promising, the Team will enter information on this item into the list below for future use by using the "Create" button below.

Step 3. Search for Suitable Existing ICT-Enhanced Content in Other Sources

Each Expert Team may identify other ICT-Enhanced content by searching catalogues of publishers and venders, examining the holdings of any available multimedia libraries, and surfing the web (see Tool 5.3.2). Once an item is found to be promising, the Team will add it to the list below by using the "Create" button.

Identified ICT-Enhanced Content Item List

Lower Secondary
Creative writing

Upper Secondary
Creative writing


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