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September 2006
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Toolbox 3:
Planning for Physical and Human Requirements
3.1 Infrastructure
3.2 Hardware
3.3 Personnel Training
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  Toolbox 3: Planning for Physical and Human Requirements

This toolbox provides educational strategists with three tools to plan respectively for the infrastructure, hardware and personnel training that are necessary for implementation of the ICT Program that was decided upon in Tool 2.2.

In certain situations, an ICT-in-education program may have already been formulated without going through the process outlined in Toolbox 1 and Toolbox 2.  Such a decision could have been made as a result of a development plan, an externally financed project or a political judgment.

No matter how an ICT-in-education policy decision has been reached, and no matter how desirable, implementable, affordable and sustainable this decision is considered to be, the chances for success of such a decision depends on successful implementation of all the pre-requisite and co-requisite elements of the intervention. A necessary, but not sufficient, condition for successful implementation is a well-thought out implementation plan that is meticulously designed and detailed.

The plans for implementation should not be once-for-all exercises. No matter how well a plan is conceived, feedback from implementation may show gaps and flows that need filling and adjustments. So, the process of planning should be looked upon as a continuous process of monitoring, assessment and revision. It is, therefore, recommended that the Planning Tools in the Toolbox be used in a flexible and open-ended manner and reused whenever implementation demands a modification in these plans.


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