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September 2006
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Tool 2.2: Formulation of ICT Policy Interventions
1 Preparation for Scenario Formation
Review Information
Review Ideas
Compose Targeted Areas
2 Formulation of Policy Scenarios
3 Assessment of Scenarios
4 Selection of “Best Fit” Scenarios
5 Consolidation of Scenarios
6 Reaching Policy Decision
7 List of Geographic Areas
Geographic Areas
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Toolbox 2:
Development of an ICT-Enhanced Program
2.1 Identification of Educational Areas for ICT Intervention
2.2 Formulation of ICT Policy Interventions
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  4. Selection of “Best Fit” Scenarios

Step 1.
Team members compare the assessments and summary profiles of the different scenarios and assess advantages, disadvantages and tradeoffs.

Step 2. If a certain scenario looks promising in certain aspects but not in others, the Team may go through a reiterative process of modifications of scenario specifics (using Section 2) and assessment (using Section 3) until the Team is satisfied that it has made all the necessary improvements on the design of the scenario. The team may combine scenarios by creating a hybrid (using Section 2) which improves the profile.

Step 3. This reiterative process continues until the Team is satisfied with a "best fit" that has the best composite profile on the basis of the assessment criteria. The selected option may not be optimal under each criterion and for every constituency, but it may be the best fit considering the combination of criteria.

In order to designate your "Best Fit" scenario, select the scenario from the list below and check "This Scenario is the Best Fit" in the checkbox and hit submit. The scenarios designated as Best Fit will have icons next to them in the below list.


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