ICT in Education Toolkit Version 2.0a
September 2006
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Tool 2.1: Identification of Educational Areas for ICT Intervention
1 Identification of Priority Areas
Establishing Priority Educational Areas
Revising Lists for Educational Goals
Revising Lists for ICT interventions
Revising Lists for Dynamics for Change
2 Diagnosis of Constraints, Issues and Bottlenecks
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Toolbox 2:
Development of an ICT-Enhanced Program
2.1 Identification of Educational Areas for ICT Intervention
2.2 Formulation of ICT Policy Interventions
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  2. Diagnosis of Constraints, Issues and Bottlenecks

For each item in the priority lists, the Team analyzes the constraints, issues and bottlenecks that have hindered the achievement of the respective educational goals.

Team members summarize their consensus by clicking on each list and completing the following questionnaire about constraints, issues and bottlenecks.

Priority Item List

Enhancing quality of learning
Improving facilities for teaching and learning process

Expanding educational opportunities
Reviewing the option alternatives in the school

Improving policy planning and management
Review Policy planning processes
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