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September 2006
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Tool 1.4: Analysis of Dynamics for Change
1 Change at the System Level
Decision Making Modality
Degree of Innovation
Degree of Preparedness for ICT
Attitude Toward ICT-in-Education
2 Dynamics for Change at the School Level
Decision Making Modality
Environment Characteristics
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Toolbox 1:
Mapping Present Situation
1.1 Mapping of National Vision, Goals and Plans
1.2 Mapping of Educational Context
1.3 Mapping of ICT in Education
1.4 Analysis of Dynamics for Change
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  Decision Making Modality

Step 1: Decision Making Modality

Decision making for policy formulation, planning and implementation, is a complex and multi-faceted process. A decision making modality is usually a composite of a number of characteristics that fall over corresponding spectrums. For the purpose of this tool, four spectrums are identified:

The Facilitation Team may informally ask for the opinions of a representative group of school personnel about modalities of decision making in their respective institutions. On the bases of their input the team completes the form below.

For each decision making element spectrum, there are four positions that fall along the continuum. Select one position that best describes the current decision making practice, although it may not represent every decision.

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