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September 2006
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Tool 5.1: Cost & Finance
1 Generation of Price List
2 Institution Level Cost Analysis
3 Regional Level Cost Analysis
4 Central Level Cost Analysis
5 ICT Program Costs - Regional
6 ICT Program Costs - National
7 Costs Over Time
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Toolbox 5:
Planning for Implementation: Summation
5.1 Cost & Finance
5.2 Master Plan
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  4. Cost Analysis at National or Central Level
Costs of ICT Interventions at the national level are made of two parts:
  • Sum of costs in all the geographic area served by the ICT Program
  • Costs of ICT interventions that are specifically incurred at nationwide/central level 
 The Tool sums automatically the ICT costs in all the geographic area.  

In this Section, you need to estimate the costs of ICT interventions that are specifically incurred at the nationwide/central level. These costs depend on two variables:
  • Quantities of expenditure items per category generated in the previous planning tools in Toolbox 3 and Toolbox 4.
  • Unit costs of these items
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