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September 2006
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Tool 3.3: Personnel Training
1 Estimate Scope of Personnel
Institutional Level
Regional Level
Central Level
2 Map Personnel Attitudes
Institution Level
Regional and Central Levels
3 Map Personnel Skills
4 Plan Orientation/Training Programs
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Toolbox 3:
Planning for Physical and Human Requirements
3.1 Infrastructure
3.2 Hardware
3.3 Personnel Training
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  Estimate Personnel Involved in the Project at the Regional Level

Step 2: Estimate the Number of Personnel Involved in the Project at the Regional Levels

The Team, in consultation with regional and central authorities, identifies the personnel - at each geographic area (as defined in Tool 2.2) - who may have influence on the implementation of the ICT Program, and who may need orientation about the purpose, potential, and elements of the Project. Such personnel include department heads, education officers, supervisors, ICT coordinators, etc…

Record the position/role and number of such personnel, for each geographic area (as defined in Toolbox 2.2) by clicking on its name in the list below and completing the form. Once the form is submitted a   appears next to the institution's name.

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