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September 2006
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Tool 1.3: Mapping of ICT in Education
1 Collect Information
2 Map Country Readiness for ICTs
ICT Policies and Plans
Preparedness of ICT Sector
3 Map Education Sector Readiness for ICT
Policies, Plans and Projects
Preparedness of the Education Sector
Present Usage of ICTs in Education
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Toolbox 1:
Mapping Present Situation
1.1 Mapping of National Vision, Goals and Plans
1.2 Mapping of Educational Context
1.3 Mapping of ICT in Education
1.4 Analysis of Dynamics for Change
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  Mapping Preparedness of the Education Sector for ICT Interventions

Step 2: Mapping Preparedness of the Education Sector for ICT Interventions

Mapping the degree of preparedness of the education sector for ICT interventions may be achieved by completing a questionnaire that provides a rough profile of the preparedness and capacity of the education sector for effective ICT intervention. Such a profile will help in making decisions for ICTs in education that are realistic and appropriate. On the other hand, the profile may indicate that the pre-requisites for effective ICTs in education are not in place, and action is needed to ensure effective returns on any ICT-related intervention and investment.

It is recommended that the questionnaire be completed by a group designated by the Facilitation Team that is quite knowledgeable of the ICT situation in the education sector. This can be done in one of two ways:

The Facilitation Team sends the survey through the Toolkit to designated individuals who will complete it online. The Facilitation Team is able to view the results and save them.

The Team can download the questionnaire form and send it to the designated persons to be completed and returned. The Team can then enter the responses into the electronic forms and save the results for further use.

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