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September 2006
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Tool 4.4: Evaluation of Authorware
1 Definition of Systems
2 Search for Existing Systems
3 Evaluation of Identified System
4 Selection of a System
Reference Information
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Toolbox 4:
Planning for ICT-Enhanced Content
4.1 ICT-Enhanced Content Requirements
4.2 Existing ICT-Enhanced Content
4.3 Educational Content on the Web
4.4 Evaluation of Authorware
4.5 Design, Develop & Test ICT-Enhanced Content
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  2. Search for Existing Systems

Existing guides and portals can save considerable effort and time in identifying potentially useful software and websites. Most of them offer annotated lists, but many of them can be searched by product and features. Some include only the products that are evaluated by experts and deemed of satisfactory quality.

Click below for a list of sources broadly divided under the two categories of authorware and LMSs. Items under each category predominantly contain resources belonging to this category but sometimes they contain resources that belong to the other category or to both. It is therefore important to search both categories even if the search is intended for either type of software.


The Team may supplement the above search by searching catalogues of publishers and venders and surfing the web for authorware and LMSs.

As a result of the search and review process, the Expert Team may be able to narrow down the search to few potentially suitable systems that are deemed of good quality by external sources. The results may be indexed and recorded in a Team's database. To enter an item, click button "Create" button below.


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