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September 2006
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Tool 2.2: Formulation of ICT Policy Interventions
1 Preparation for Scenario Formation
Review Information
Review Ideas
Compose Targeted Areas
2 Formulation of Policy Scenarios
3 Assessment of Scenarios
4 Selection of “Best Fit” Scenarios
5 Consolidation of Scenarios
6 Reaching Policy Decision
7 List of Geographic Areas
Geographic Areas
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Toolbox 2:
Development of an ICT-Enhanced Program
2.1 Identification of Educational Areas for ICT Intervention
2.2 Formulation of ICT Policy Interventions
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  Step 3: Compose Targeted Priority Areas

Step 3. Compose Targeted Priority Areas

Taking into consideration the information reviewed in Step 1 and Step 2 above, the team should decide whether ICT-intervention scenarios will be formulated for each individual item in the priority lists developed in 2.1 (Identification and Analysis of Educational Areas for ICT Interventions) and reviewed in Step 1, or whether priority items should be grouped together depending on the relations among them to form one targeted priority area for ICT intervention.

The options are:

  • Treating each item in the priority list separately with the possibility of some adjustments 
  • Combining some or all priority items within a specific educational objective list
  • Combining priority items across educational objectives
  • Combining all priority items across educational objectives into one targeted area

Irrespective of the option selected, it is important to include all the priority items in the targeted areas. It is also advisable not to combine priority items unless there is a clear justification for that.

On the basis of your decisions, click the "Create Targeted Priority Area" button below to compose a consolidated list of targeted priority areas for ICT interventions using all the options cited above.

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