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September 2006
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Tool 6.2: Adjustment & Scaling Up
1 Monitoring of Implementation
2 Evaluation of Effectiveness
3 Broader Application/Scaling Up
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Toolbox 6:
Assessment and Subsequent Actions
6.1 Evaluation of ICT Interventions
6.2 Adjustment & Scaling Up
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  2. Evaluation of Effectiveness

Once the implementation processes have been debugged and the ICT intervention is adequately in place long enough to produce results, evaluation of its effectiveness (Tool 6.1, Class 4) should be applied to determine the extent to which the ICT-Intervention is effectively fulfilling the educational objectives set for it.

Effectiveness evaluation may produce favorable results. But it may indicate that the degree of effectiveness is inadequate.

Assuming adequate implementation, the response to inadequate levels of effectiveness and impact should trigger a re-examination of the design and content of the ICT Intervention itself. This exercise may unearth some of the following problems and weaknesses in the ICT Intervention structure:

  • ICT potential was erroneously applied to some components
  • Comparative added value of technologies was not properly employed
  • The educational, learning or instructional objectives were not appropriate
  • The internal pre-requisites and co-requisites were not identified and designed
  • The external pre-requisites, co-requisites and constraints were not adequately recognized and considered

The response to these issues may range between limited modifications of specific components (if effectiveness is partially unsatisfactory) and total redesign of the ICT Policy intervention. (See chart below.)


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