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September 2006
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Tool 5.2: Master Plan
1 ICT Intervention Program
2 Integrated Implementation Plan
3 Implementation Cost
4 Implementation Timetable
5 Implementation Management
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Toolbox 5:
Planning for Implementation: Summation
5.1 Cost & Finance
5.2 Master Plan
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  4. Implementation Timetable

The timetable for the implementation of the different components of the implementation plan, should reflect the facts of the ICT program in terms of  elements and tentative time necessary to implement each element. It is important to keep in mind the following considerations:

  • Adequate time must be given to each task, otherwise, during implementation there will be time overrun which will effect other tasks. Also this may generate cost overrun.
  • Tasks should not be initiated except when pre-requisites are completed and co-requisites are also initiated. For example, hardware should not be planned for installation before infrastructure is in place. Also if the Project includes a component of production of contentware, this component may take two years to complete. If computers are acquired and installed a long time before contentware is ready, then the installed computers are wasting some of their shelf lives even before they are utilized. Another example: Training of teachers should not be initiated before enough contentware is acquired or created, to use as materials for hands-on training.
  • When a component is necessary to have in place, adequate "pre" time should be planned for to cover planning, design of component, acquisition and application. For example, if trained teachers have to be ready  at the beginning of year 2 of the ICT Program, the Planning Team should work backwards to reserve time for developing training curriculum and materials, identifying trainers, having facilities in place, and training the teachers. This may take six months to achieve.

A sample timetable is provided to demonstrate the tasks and hypothetical times. (Print-based Form below)

To generate a timetable, download the sample timetable and modify it to fit your plans. Save it as " Part 4- Timetable" and upload it into the Filing Cabinet Tool 5.2

You may also use an Excel spreadsheet to construct the timetable. Save it as "Part 4- Timetable" and upload it into the Filing Cabinet Tool 5.2

  • Go to the Filing Cabinet and select "Upload documents for Tool "
  • If you wish to replace a file, delete the old file first, and then upload the new version.

When specialized Teams work out the details of the plans generated in Toolboxes 3-5, they will be able to construct a more detailed timetable. We suggest an Excel spreadsheet for each of those detailed plans. Once constructed, they can be saved in the Filing Cabinet.

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