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September 2006
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Tool 5.2: Master Plan
1 ICT Intervention Program
2 Integrated Implementation Plan
3 Implementation Cost
4 Implementation Timetable
5 Implementation Management
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Toolbox 5:
Planning for Implementation: Summation
5.1 Cost & Finance
5.2 Master Plan
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  1. The ICT-Intervention Program

This Part is composed of the ICT-Intervention Program generated in Tool 2.2. It includes two parts:

1.1  Background and Present Situation
This section sets the stage for the proposed project(s) and makes an indirect justification for the ICT intervention(s). It draws on the outputs from Toolbox 1.

1.2  Proposed Projects
This Part is composed of as many sections as there are projects. Each section presents information about the corresponding Project and includes

  • Description of ICT intervention Project
  • Detailed assessment of the Project
  • Graphic profile of the Project


1. Download from the Filing Cabinet Tool 2.2 the file: ICT Policy Program Decision.

2. Save it under the Title: "Master Plan-Part 1" and edit it by adding a title:

Master Plan
Part 1. The ICT-Intervention Program


3. Go to the Filing Cabinet and select "Upload documents for Tool " Upload the file as: Part 1: ICT-Intervention Program.



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