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September 2006
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Tool 4.5: Design, Develop & Test ICT-Enhanced Content
1 Contentware Framework
2 Who Develops Contentware
3 Development Teams
4 Necessary Facilities
5 Delineation of Scope of Work
6 Design of Modules
7 Construction of Modules
8 Testing/Revision of Modules
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Toolbox 4:
Planning for ICT-Enhanced Content
4.1 ICT-Enhanced Content Requirements
4.2 Existing ICT-Enhanced Content
4.3 Educational Content on the Web
4.4 Evaluation of Authorware
4.5 Design, Develop & Test ICT-Enhanced Content
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  5. Delineation of Scope of Work

Step 1. Review Lists of Required Contenware

At the bottom of this page (or in the Filing Cabinet), you can see the list of all required contentware identified by the team through this tool. Print this report for offline discussion and evaluation of the top needs for this contentware needs list.

Step 2.: Review Lists of Identified Contentware and Web Content

At the bottom of this page (or in the Filing Cabinet), you can see a link to a list of all identified contentware items and a link to a list of all identified web content that may be suitable for this program.

Print these two reports for offline discusison and evaluation of how these items, in light of the above needs, meet the following criteria:
  • If the item is suitable for adoption or adaptation you need to weigh that against creating a comparable one, in terms of cost and suitability.
  • Even if an item is not suitable for adoption or adaptation, it may be a good source of ideas to the Team while it is designing and developing a new contentware. 

Step 3. Annotate the lists

Copy/paste the reports into word for offline work. Annotate the list, edit, discuss, etc.

Step 4. Generate List of Learning Modules

For each set of items in the list(s) under each curricular Topic, in your word document, generate a list of Learning Modules that best translate the Topic into teaching/learning activities. This list constitutes the Scope of Work for the Development Teams.


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