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September 2006
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Tool 4.5: Design, Develop & Test ICT-Enhanced Content
1 Contentware Framework
2 Who Develops Contentware
3 Development Teams
4 Necessary Facilities
5 Delineation of Scope of Work
6 Design of Modules
7 Construction of Modules
8 Testing/Revision of Modules
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Toolbox 4:
Planning for ICT-Enhanced Content
4.1 ICT-Enhanced Content Requirements
4.2 Existing ICT-Enhanced Content
4.3 Educational Content on the Web
4.4 Evaluation of Authorware
4.5 Design, Develop & Test ICT-Enhanced Content
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  4. Provision of Necessary Facilities

Depending on the kind of technologies to be used in the development of contentware, the Development Teams need to have access to appropriate high quality facilities. These facilities include:

  • Audio recording (either access to a studio, or setting up one) 
  • Computer Workstations
    • Sufficient number of high power desktop computers and multimedia capabilities.
    • Flat screen monitors
    • UPS/surge suppressor
    • Common software: productivity tools, Web development tools, Email & Internet connectivity software, image processing tools, text editing & layout software, graphics and paint programs.
    • Other software: programming tools, database development tools, statistical packages, graphing packages, miscellaneous
  • Video Editing Suite
    • Professional quality digital video camera
    • One non-linear video editing board for workstation, with software
    • Two professional quality television monitors
    • Miscellaneous software
  • Portable Computers
  • Portable LCD projection system
  • Computer Related Hardware
    • Flat Bed Color Scanner
    • Slide Scanner
    • Color Printer
    • Computer furniture
  • Related Needs
    • Satellite downlink (KU, C, & other bands), television, analog & digital VCRs
    • Plain Paper Copier


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