Using ICT to Develop Literacy

book with the title Using ICT to Develop LiteracyEditor-in-Chief: Cedric Wachholz
Editor: Ellie Meleisea
Published by UNESCO, 2006. 60p.
 ISBN: 92-9223-088-3  

This publication, produced by the ICT in Education Unit with the support of Japanese Funds-in-Trust, provides a concise overview of the issue of literacy and explains how ICT can be used to improve literacy education. 

The booklet discusses five areas in which ICT can be utilized in literacy education (enhancing learning; raising access to literacy education; training of teachers; localizing content; and creating a literacy-conducive environment) and provides examples of projects in which ICT has been utilized effectively to improve literacy education. The booklet concludes with recommendations for policy makers regarding the use of ICT in literacy campaigns.  
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