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Integrating ICTs into Education: Lessons Learned

Hot off the press, "Integrating ICTs into Education: Lessons Learned" seeks to present the cream of countries efforts to integrate ICTs into their education systems. This practical guide synthesizes and analyzes experiences in connection with specific lessons learned and highlights best practices and the need for further improvements, based on the experiences of six Asian countries, namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, The Republic of Korea and Thailand.
The distilled wisdom garnered here is aimed at providing a key foundation and framework for setting up ICT for education programmes. The eight components below can provide the basis for the development of tools and blueprints to guide policy formation and programme improvements. The publication also serves as an advocacy tool to gain the support of policy-makers and other stakeholders for the appropriate use of resources to support the integration of ICT in education.

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Preface (135KB)

1) Broader environmental context (126 KB)

2) Policy and regulatory environment (183KB)

3) Management and financing (143 KB)

4) ICT in schools - policy, vision and strategy (123KB)

5) Technology infrastructure and connectivity (162 KB)

6) Curriculum, pedagogy and content development (148 KB)

7) Professional development (156 KB)

8) Monitoring and evaluation (109 KB)


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