Institutional Affiliation

 The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization � Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education (UNESCO-Bangkok) conceived and originated the idea of a toolkit to support decision making regarding the integration and use of information and communication technology in education and learning systems.

 Earlier prototype versions were developed collaboratively and owned jointly by UNESCO (Bangkok Regional Office), Knowledge Enterprise, LLC and the Academy for Educational Development (AED). These versions were licensed to the World Bank (infoDev) for the development of the present version.

 This version of the Toolkit was prepared for infoDev (World Bank) by Knowledge Enterprise, LLC.

 The World Bank owns all property rights to this version. UNESCO, Knowledge Enterprise and Academy for Educational Development hold a perpetual, royalty-free, nonexclusive, worldwide license over these property rights.

Toolkit Design and Development Team

 Principal Architect and Author
    Wadi D. Haddad, Ph.D Knowledge Enterprise, LLC.

 Technology Architecture and Development
    Andy Green & Siobhan Green Sonjara, Inc.

 Design and Graphics
    Margaret Joyce

 Research and Drafting
    Sonia Jurich, Ph.D.

Lead Contributors

 Cédric Wachholz (UNESCO) � Initiated the Toolkit concept; contributed ideas and feedback; managed UNESCO�s contribution.

 Michael Trucano (infoDev / World Bank) - Managed infoDev�s grant; contributed ideas and feedback

 Gregg Jackson, Ph.D. (Formerly Georgetown University) - Contributed draft of Tool 6.1

 Benjamin De Dios (UNESCO) - Coordinated Policy makers� workshops; organized and provided feedback

 Eric Rusten, Ph.D. (AED) - Managed AED�s contribution; provided feedback


 The Toolkit has been used by policymakers, planners and practitioners in more than 20 countries, and has benefited from their input. Their feedback has been incorporated in the current version.

 Concept and Content outline benefited from inputs of an Expert/Policy-Maker Workshop, organized by UNESCO in Bangkok, Thailand, 2-4 March, 2004. Representatives from the following participated: Commonwealth of Learning, Education Development Center, North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, World Bank Institute and policy-makers and practitioners from Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Samoa and Thailand.

 First prototype version was tested in a workshop organized by UNESCO in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 5-10 September 2005. Comments and systematic feedback provided by the workshop participants from Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, UNESCO, and the World Bank were incorporated into the next version.

 Over 30 leading organizations, experts and practitioners active in ICT and education issues participated in the Toolkit review process and provided comments on the first prototype version of the Toolkit.

 The second prototype version was tested in a workshop organized by UNESCO and infoDev/World Bank in Fiji, September 25-30, 2006. Participants included high-level education planners from 14 Pacific countries and six observers. Comments and systematic feedback from participants were incorporated into the final version.


Funds for the development of the Toolkit were provided by:

  • Japanese Funds-in-Trust
  • infoDev (World Bank)
  • Academy for Educational Development
  • Knowledge Enterprise, LLC.