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Abbi Waxman
Abbi Waxman Last Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The use of a solar post light for garden lighting is not a long history. On the contrary, it is a very new one. In fact, outdoor lighting like garden lighting is a new trend. This is mainly because until recent 20th century landscapers and landscape architects are becoming more and more popular.

Early garden lighting may refer to lanterns which use oil or gas. They could be mounted on the walls, on wood or metal posts, or mounted on gate piers, or they could be hung up temporarily. In eastern world, especially in China or Japan, stone lanterns were wildly used. These lanterns were located in some places in the garden or yard. Also there were oil lamps.

The post light didn’t originate in the gardens. In fact, during the 19 century, post lights were used to illuminate the streets in cities and towns. They were public lighting devices. A post finally erected to support some kinds of lantern or lamp. The earliest post lights used gas or oil as the power source. In towns or cities, lamplighters were hired by the government to light the gas in the evening and in the morning to extinguish the light. They didn’t climb high to light or extinguish. Actually, they used very long sticks with wicks to light the light, and use a hook at the top of the stick to extinguishing the gas. It was a hard task.

When human discovered how to exploit fossil fuels and how to make electricity power, electric lights began to replace the old gas lamps. From then on, electricity began the best choice for lighting. The lights in our home and garden are all electrically powered. However, electricity is not a renewable source of energy, because in early days, fossil fuels were needed to produce electricity. Thus, the pollution problem is becoming more and more serious. The more electricity we use, the more fossil fuels we need to consume, the more environmental pressure we give to our planet. Solar energy, on the contrary, is a renewable energy source which is friendly to our environment.

Solar energy is becoming more and more important. Many manufacturers have realized the future of solar energy industry. They have invested more in solar energy, which makes the technology become better and better. Take solar post lights as an example. Early solar collectors or solar panels were so bulky that they must be mounted someplace in bright sunlight. That means between lights and solar panels wires must be buried underground. Compared with post lights powered by electricity, they were not competitive.

As technology advances, solar post lights combine bulbs, solar panels (cells) and storage system together within one unit. Each is a separated lighting system, from energy producing, energy storage and lighting bulbs. This means each is a separate system, and it doesn’t need to wire. The installation is straightforward. The solar energy is free, so you don’t need to care about your electricity bill. Maintenance is also easy. You need to check the batteries or LEDs if they don’t work. But don’t worry. The LEDs have a long lifetime. And the batteries at least can work for two years before replacing them.

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