Know Some Solar Power Facts For Your Home Solar Power System

Mary Wesley
Mary Wesley Last Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Solar power is becoming more and more popular in recent years due to the development of science and technology. Photoelectric conversion efficiency has been improved. If you plan to add some solar panels to your house, you should some basic solar power facts before buying them. Solar panels can help you cut energy costs because they are self-sufficient.

The following facts can help you a general understanding of solar power.

  • Solar energy doesn’t mean using solar panels to generate electricity power but other formes of usage, such as to heat water,
  • Solar energy means we can get energy from the sun. We can use solar energy to heat the water and to generate electricity. Solar energy has been used widely, such as heating your house, heating your swimming pool, or power lighting. Like hydropower and wind power, solar power is one of the renewable energy resources in the world.
  • William Adams discovered solar cells in 1876. From then on, photoelectric conversion efficiency dominates the development of solar energy. Photovoltaic panels are used to convert solar energy into electricity. However, converting efficiency is about 15%, which has been highly improved compared with early solar cells. You may think the efficiency is low, but the plants are about 3% efficient when photosynthesis occurs.
  • A home solar power system can be used alone and you also can connect it into the grid. This is also an investment, called net metering, which means you can sell your extra power to the utility company. If you have established such as system, you won’t pay the bill but make money from the electric company. However, you should calculate the ROI to make sure it is a wise decision.
  • Rechargeable batteries can store the electricity generated by the solar panels during the day and you can use the stored energy at night. Like electricity from the grid, it can be measured in kilowatt-hours.
  • Panels can be mounted on the roof of your house or in your yard. Once you installed them, they feature low maintenance and lasting over 30 years. Most of them are weatherproof and many manufacturers provide a long lifetime warranty.
  • In order to encourage the development of new energies, federal and state tax credits are available for those people who have installed solar power systems in their house.

You may think solar power systems are expensive, but in the long term, it is a good investment on cutting the electricity bills and reducing the carbon footprint of your family. I hope these solar power facts can help you have an overview of home solar power systems.

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