Best Baby Carrier: Beco Baby Carrier Review

This Beco Baby Carrier is one of the best baby carriers available on the market. I’ve never introduced it before. If you have read ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier Review, you may some important features a baby carrier must have. This baby carrier is a little smaller than ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier: the body is narrower and the straps are thinner. It is soft and can be padded lightly. I don’t care about its weight limit. Although its weight limit is lighter than Ergo’s, about 10 lbs, this is not a big problem for my 5 years old child.

Barbara Kingsolver By, Barbara Kingsolver
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Besides its price, reviews and rating, I am interested in it because of its 4 great product features: a 4 in 1 baby carrier, machine washable, direct contact intuitive baby carrier, Made in USA.

A 4 in 1 baby carrier

This best baby carrier features a 4 in 1 baby carrier. It has 4 different carrying ways. This feature allows you to change the carrying way, if you feel tired with one carrying way. Different carrying ways make parents feel tired on different areas. If you feel painful on somewhere, you can change the carrying way. 4 carrying ways are front facing in carrying and front facing out carry, back carry and hip carry.

Machine washable

Another great feature is its washing way. It can be washed by machine. You also can add some mild detergent to the machine. This feature is useful, which ensure parents to wash it easily and make babies feel comfortable. You also can dry it on a delicate cycle. Of course, if a baby carrier is washed by machine too many times, it will become old and old. This process is natural and it is not the problem of it. Until it cannot be used again, you should buy a new one for your babies.

Direct contact intuitive baby carrier

This feature is one of the most important features that a baby carrier must have. If it doesn’t have this feature, how can your babies sit on it and how can you carry it. So this feature depends on what kind of materials it uses. This product is made of 100% organic cotton, which is safe and comfortable for babies.

Made in USA

Nowadays, many products we use are not made in USA. Most of them are from China and other Asian countries. This is not too bad, because the price is cheap. However, some countries produce lower quality products. If you choose products for your babies, the most important factor is the security. A product made in USA can be a good choice. Although this carrier is a little expensive, it is worth, because it is made in the USA. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality of this Beco Baby Carrier.

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Barbara Kingsolver By, Barbara Kingsolver
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